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Meet Meme – The Business Card 2.0

Do you use ordinary business cards? Well, if you want to stick out from the crowd while being up to date, you should think of ordering your personalized meme. You don´t know what I am talking about? You better read on then…

According to Wikipedia, a meme is defined as “an idea, behavior or style that spreads from person to person within a culture.” That´s where the online service Meet-Meme comes in. They want to help you become a meme yourself by providing you with a customized trading card stating your favorite social networks used supplemented with a QR code. This code takes you to a digital version of your Meet-Meme trading card providing links to all the social networks connected (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, FourSquare, Blogs, personal websites) and data provided (E-Mail, phone number, address etc.). Thus, catching up and connecting with new people has never been easier.

Meet-Meme trading cards are ultimate icebreakers, providing a perfect introduction and instant basis of conversation in any situation. It’s all about YOU: Focusing on your unique personality, each customized trading card presents a means to connect on a deeper level than traditional business cards or newfangled high-tech devices.

Interested? Simply go to the Meet-Meme website, log in and order your personal trading cards today. It only takes 5 minutes and the service is inexpensive (20 cards = $8.75, 50 cards = $15, 100 cards = $27 plus $1.99 shipping). In case you are interested in branded/corporate cards an additional onetime fee of $250 applies; this includes a customized card design and registration form). Unfortunately, Meet-Meme is currently only available in the USA and Canada. So spread the word for the company to grow and expand. Enjoy becoming a meme =)


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The picture at the beginning of the post is a screenshot taken at the Meet-Meme website.

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