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Whichbook is a fantastic, novel online book service that helps users find a book that meets their needs in no time. Instead of starting with book titles or authors, readers start with themselves.

Instead of starting to look for books of authors you know and like or ask friends what book they would recommend, Whichbook aims to let its users choose books according to their likes and needs. The system attempts to overcome some of the most common shortcomings of people approaching new books.

At Whichbook, you do not start with book titles or authors, readers start with themselves. I love unpredictable stories with lots of twists and turns that´s challenging and down to earth. If you are in for a romantic, yet funny, but also demanding book, I am sure Whichbook will help you find some.

Here is how it works: Whichbook allows you to either move sliders in up to 4 (out of 12 offered) categories that best describe the kind of story you are looking for OR you can select from different options concerning the characters, plot and setting of the story. Personally, I prefer the 4 categories to the character, plot and setting choice because I hardly ever ended up with any book suggestion when using the latter. Either way, I am sure you will end up with a list of books that best match your search criteria. You even get to read an extract as well as a full profile referring to the 12 story categories you started off with. If you like what you read about a book, Whichbook brings up similar ones for you. If you want to buy one or more books, you will be guided to the corresponding amazon website by clicking “Buy”. Besides, you will be shown where you can borrow the book. If you are boring and refuse to try out something new, you can still look for authors!

I think it´s an awesome tool and a brilliant idea! Broaden your scope, give it a go, click here and see for yourself!


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