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The Hipstery – a Unique Mystery T-Shirt Store

I don´t know about you, but I enjoy online shopping. It´s easy, it´s convenient, it saves plenty of time. If you consider this kind of shopping boring, you might want to check out the very unique and a crazy Hipstery T-shirt store. When shopping at Hipstery, you don´t know what kind of T-shirt you´ll end up with. Sounds strange, but it´s cool. I tried it…

Have you ever bought a box with unknown content? Well apart from some charity stuff at various Christmas parties, I hadn´t…until I found The Hipstery website… I decided to give The Hipstery experience a go and ordered a shirt for a friend. I answered six “The Hipstery” questions like “Your friend has been good this year and Santa is amenable to their whims. What would they request? World Peace, World Fame, World Domination, World of Warcraft” or “Your friend is going to war, pick their weapon… Raygun, Free Hugs, Pencil or Democracy”.


Simply reading through the frequently asked questions is fun, waiting for the shirt was exciting, but the shirt I found in my post box was not what I had expected. It wasn´t anywhere near as extraordinary as I was hoping it to be, even though both size and quality were fine. I sent the shirt back and received a new one within a week. I love the new one – it´s definitely special. What do you think?


Make Sure You Know “The Hipstery”


I even received The Hipstery Certificate to thank me for helping save something nearing extinction -MYSTERY =) Great! Thanks for the stickers and the black and white photo. Impressive marketing strategy! Taken together, “The Hipstery” definitely offers a unique shopping experience! So if you know feel the urge to become one of more than 10000 happy “The Hipstery” customers, click here to be guided to “The Hipstery” website and order your mystery T-shirt today!

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