Spend your money on traveling

When learning Spanish in Ecuador, one of the first sayings I was taught by my host mother was “La plata mejor gastada es la plata de los viajes” which translates into “The money best spent is the money spent on traveling”. I am sure that most of you agree. Here are some more of my favorite pictures.

Smiling Sunflower – France

I took the picture on our way to the ocre village of Roussilon in the South of France.

Glowing Cathedral – Strasbourg, France

The picture was taken during a music and light show in Strasbourg, France.

Genoan Sunset – Genoa, Italy

Sunset at the port of Genoa, Italy.

Chat with Neighbors – Roussilon, France

The dog and its owner were talking to their neighbors in the village of Roussilon, France.

Beautiful Gordes – Gordes, France

Gordes – one of the most beautiful villages in France.

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