news highlights of the week

From tiny chameleons to “The Simpsons” Birthday

Yet another exciting week has gone by. Scientists once again proof that size doesn´t matter by discovering the tiniest chameleon in Madagascar. Hollywood finally awards the creator of the longest-running comedy show…about time after 23 years, don´t you think? German President Wulff gives chancellor Merkel a hard time and finally resigns after one “mistake” too many. Let´s hope that this exemplifies Assad to follow the U.N. General Assembly resolution. Him stepping down might at last end violence in Syria.


Bart Simpson´s Naked Skate

Happy Birthday Simpsons! More than 23 years ago, Matt Groening created the satirical parody of a middle class American family – The Simpsons. Marge, Homer, Bart, Lisa and Maggie hold the record for longest-running comedy show and their creator Matt finally got the long-deserved Hollywood Star last Tuesday. Everyone knows the fun yellow creatures and most of us love them. On Sunday 19 February, the 500th episode will air in the US. To keep you entertained while longing for Sunday to approach, I would like to introduce you to a fun free online game – Bart Simpson´s Naked Skate.