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Bali – facets of Indonesia

Bali, an Indonesian island situated between Java and Lombok, is less than 150 km long and only 50 km wide. Nevertheless, it offers a plethora of different landscapes ranging from long, white beaches to rice terraces and volcanoes. I experienced Balinese people to be friendly and open-minded when backpacking their island. More than 90% of them are Hindus and immolate neatly-made boxes filled with flowers every day before they eat in order to praise their gods. Here are some of my favorite pictures. Enjoy Bali =)


Places you should go – Treehotel and Blue Duck Lodge

Tourism is one of the most important means of income for many countries. In 2010 almost one billion international tourist arrivals were reported worldwide with France being the most popular travel destination. With the steadily rising tourist numbers, ecological tourism becomes more and more important. Personally, I love travelling and I enjoy seeing different places and doing things I have never done before. I especially like doing stuff that´s special. Here are two ecotourism destinations I consider both special and worth checking out.


Spend your money on traveling

When learning Spanish in Ecuador, one of the first sayings I was taught by my host mother was “La plata mejor gastada es la plata de los viajes” which translates into “The money best spent is the money spent on traveling”. I am sure that most of you agree. Here are some more of my favorite pictures.