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From Mariana Trench Pictures to an Aeroplane In The Garage

This week you will learn why cleaning your windows might endanger lives, see the first pictures of James Cameron´s solo dive to the deepest point on earth, watch one of the rarest insects hatch and get to know a guy who converted his garage into an aeroplane cabin.


A Matter of Style – Dark vs. Bright

The best online bookmarking service ever, LinkCloud, is about to launch version 2 in less than eight weeks. The only remaining question is: Dark or Bright? Here is the answer…

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LinkCloud v2 – bookmarking at its best

Do you use bookmarking services when sufring the net? Well, I used to have plenty of folders full of sub- and sub-sub-folders with long lists of links I wanted to archive and use. It took me quite a while to open certain links even though I consider myself well-organized. Luckily, I had the chance to check out LinkCloud, a free, visual, interactive, anonymous, device- and browser-independent bookmarking service. I haven´t been using any other service ever since. See for yourself.