Best Super Bowl Commercials 2013

A record $4 million was the average cost for a 30-second commercial at this year´s super bowl. In case you missed the show last Sunday, here is your chance to watch the best ads.

I don´t want to simply share the top 10 funny ads of this year´s super bowl, but also want to draw your attention to my personal favorites. The first commercial stands out from the crowd by neither trying to be funny nor being crazy. Instead, it makes people think – I like it.


Make Sure You Know the Ram Trucks Super Bowl Commercial “Farmer”

This year´s Budweiser commercial is rather touching. Here is the extended version:

Make Sure You Know the Budweiser Super Bowl Commercial “The Clydesdales: Brotherhood”


Make Sure You Know the “Funniest Super Bowl Commercials 2013”

The image shown at the beginning of this post is a screenshot taken while watching the final video featured in this post.

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