Future Is Here – Cars Without Drivers

It´s been a while since Google´s first robotic vehicle “Stanley” won the DARPA Grand Challenge worth $2 million back in 2005. Recently Audi has been issued a license allowing the testing of autonomous vehicles on Nevada´s public roads. Thus, driverless cars don´t seem to be that far down the road. Besides, other than the helicopter observing the scene, the Audi didn´t crash. Better see for yourself…

Even though a world of self-driving vehicles scares many people, the advantages should not be neglected. Driverless cars burn less fuel thanks to fewer sudden braking and acceleration maneuvers. Thus, the pollution level and its negative impact on our environment will be reduced. Besides, we will need fewer highways since autonomous cars can drive with tighter spacing allowing up to four times as many vehicles on limited access roads. Moreover, these cars would allow disabled people to live more independently.

Autonomous cars are predicted to gon on sale in 2020. Until then we will have to enjoy watching videos like this one.


Make Sure You Know the “Audi Self Driving Car”

The image shown at the beginning of this post is a screenshot taken while watching the video featured in this post.

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