One Second Everyday App

Imagine you could watch a movie containing one second of every day of your life. A one hour movie would sum up 10 years of your life by showing you one second of every single day. Isn´t that an awesome idea? Thanks to the awesome One Second Everyday App, you can become the director of your life movie.

Even though we take plenty of pictures and videos, we don´t tend to think that every single day of our lives is valuable. The novel One Second Everyday App allows you to chronicle the rest of your life. Brooklyn-based Cesar Kuriyama proposed his idea on Kickstarter and 11,281 backers pledged a total of almost $57,000. Besides, more than 10,000 people liked the idea indicating the app to become rather popular.

To date, the One Second Everyday app is free and available for iOS only, but an Android version is being developed. So Google fans need to be patient…or get an iPhone.

One Second Everyday features at a glance:

  • accesses videos in your camera roll
  • friendly reminders available
  • multiple timelines available (you, your son, your cat…)
  • compile any given amount of time
  • post your compilation directly to your preferred social networks
  • app offers video recording, but also works with any other video app
  • selected seconds are kept within the app itself
  • iCloud backup of chosen seconds
  • no need to share your seconds if you don´t want to

Kuriyama says “Just because we didn’t do anything world-shaking one day, doesn’t mean we should forget that day ever happened.  Perhaps use your less-enthralling days to inspire you to do something cool tomorrow.” I fully agree. Life is short and every day is worth being remembered – you might want to start recording right now. Click here to get the One Second Everyday app.


Make Sure You Know the “One Second Eyeryday” App


The image shown at the beginning of this post is a screenshot taken while watching the video.


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