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Did you know that the human brain processes images 60,000 times faster than text? That´s only one of the reasons why you should check out the novel startpage service myLinkCloud. The web-app has implemented three new features: notes, frames and background upload.

For those of you who have not heard of myLinkCloud, yet: myLinkCloud is a free, ad-free, browser-independent and fully customized startpage service that enables  to not only collect your favorite links in so-called LinkClouds, but also allows you to share them with colleagues, friends or the rest of the world.


Let´s check out the new myLinkCloud features:

  1. Notes: The notes come in 4 different colors and you can choose from 3 different font sizes to jot down stuff you need to remember or want your friends to know if you have shared your LinkCloud with others. Notes work like any other link, so you can re-size and re-position each note.
  2. Frames: Frames come in 4 different colors and you can add a headline. Frames enable you to structure your LinkCloud even better. Frames also allow you to re-position all links within a frame at once simply by dragging and dropping the frame itself.
  3. Background upload: This feature is likely to become the most popular feature one – users are now free to upload their own images to further customize their LinkClouds.


If you haven´t already done so, make sure to check out myLinkCloud and unlock these awesome new features. Here is what a LinkCloud might look like:


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