How To Succeed On Empire Avenue

If you like games and want to promote either yourself or your business, you are likely to love Empire Avenue. EA is a stock market simulation social network game that allows users to buy and sell shares of other users. Your share price depends on your social network activity and your ticker´s  stock buying and selling. Empire Avenue is a rather complex game, but if you stick to these basic rules, you will succeed.

Once you have created an account, make sure to stick to these rules to succeed on Empire Avenue:

1) make sure to upload a proper profile picture -> accounts lacking an image are prone to fail

2) make sure to connect all your social networks – the more, the better

3) make sure to join communities: browse for interests, cities, countries etc. -> take part in discussions, respond to posts etc.

4) make sure to invest in others: spend your eaves unless you are saving for an upgrade -> money in the bank doesn´t help since you want to increase your wealth. Divs of 1 or higher are great (there´s people with divs >4 …CRAZY!) and recent arrivals with plenty of social networks connected are great, too. But make sure to check on their number of Facebook friends or twitter followers before hoping for a long-term investment. Make sure to always leave a shout out – it will help them remember to buy back and/or thank you =)

Here are my personal favorites: click on their avatar/image to check out their EA profile and make sure to invest. Please let them know that (e)LEONA2011 sent you:

5) make sure to buy back: EA users love to invest in newbies (they are cheap and their share price is prone to rise…at least in the first couple of days…) -> don´t expect anyone to hold your shaers if you don´t buy back. There is no need to match any buy especially not when share prices are high – but show some engagement. A “Thanks for your investment” reply to a shout out posted on your profile is also nice. Personally, I aim to match any investment (up to my max) and hold shares regardless of share price drops and dividends.

6) respond to shout outs posted on your profile and give them a thumbs up – it helps increase your engagement

7) be active on both EA (complete missions, take part in community discussions, reply to posts, invest in others, …) and your social networks – the more active you are, the faster your share price will rise and the higher your dividend  will be -> others will invest in you

8) connect your networks with those of other EA users

9) regularly check your portfolio: sell sliders (if they haven´t bought back) and stock up on those with high divs and/or share price increase

10) create missions (Please note: your share price must be >50 to be able to create missions!) to promote your product or yourself: ask for retweets, Facebook likes, comments, etc. It pays to be generous and keep your detailed descriptions short and clear! Missions asking for 10 likes, a comment and a share at once are only popular if you offer decent money!

11) When doing missions: make sure you are able to/ want to complete them. E.g. don´t accept an Instagram mission if you lack an account, check the tweet to make sure you are ready to retweet it etc. Mission cheating (taking the money without completing the mission according to its description) SUCKS!!!!

12) HAVE FUN!!! Empire Avenue is a game after all – don´t take things too seriously – you should enjoy being part of the EA family =)

Here are some blogs and tools that help you manage your portfolio and offer even more tips on how to successfully play Empire Avenue.


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