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I am sure you guys are all set for tomorrow. But before you leave to help your kids on their trick or treat tour or get dressed for your Halloween party, make sure to c heck out these amazing pumpkin carvings by Scott Cummins. Happy Halloween!

Scott Cummins is a junior high school art teacher, who enjoys carving pumpkins. It only takes him 1-2 hours to create one of his funny and fascinating 3D artworks. To light his pumpkins, the pumpkin gutter uses a 30 watt light bulb on a drop light. Scott learned through practice and only carves what he likes – just for fun. The pumpkin gutter is not only a brilliant artist, he is also humorous. If you want to have a good laugh, check out the frequently asked question section on Scott´s website. Here´s an excerpt:

“I hate Fall. I hate Halloween. I hate October. Pumpkins are stoopid and you´re stoopid for carving them. – Sincerely, Mitchell.” Scott´s answer: “Mitchell, You should write greeting cards for a living. Your writing has lyrical, expressive style that´s the envy of all the other goobers in the peanut patch. “

“What do you do with the seeds?” Scott´s answer: “I meticulously clean them one by one, dry them out in a Ronco electric food dehydrator, spray paint them silver, write “5 cents2 on them with a crayon and attempt to use them in vending machines. …Or, sometimes I just throw them away.”

And now feel free to enjoy the screenshots of my personal favorite pumpkin carvings (all taken from the gallery) by Scott Cummins =)


Make Sure You Know “The Pumpkin Gutter Scott Cummins And His Amazing Pumpkin Carvings”


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Make sure to visit Scott Cummins website, check out more cool pumpkin carvings in his gallery, like the Pumpkin Gutter on Facebook, check out his videos on youtube or one of the tutorials to carve your very own Halloween pumpkin or buy one of his art sheets on teachers-pay-teachers or get a pumpkin gutter and start carving yourself. Simply check out the corresponding myLinkCloud.


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