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myLinkCloud – More Than A Beautiful iGoogle Alternative

iGoogle will be shut down in November 2013. There is no need to be sad though. The recently launched service myLinkCloud is much more than a beautiful iGoogle alternative.

Did you know that the human brain processes images more than 60,000 times faster than text? That´s probably the reason why myLinkCloud is based on visual freedom.

At first sight myLinkCloud is a brilliant, live-synced, free and web-based service that allows its users to generate their personalized internet desktop – their startpage to the web. But myLinkCloud is more than that – it is a fantastic collaboration tool that allows team members to edit shared LinkClouds. Users can freely arrange icons that link to their favorite websites. Neither the number of links not the number of LinkClouds within an account is restricted. Besides, users are free to choose a background for each cloud. Moreover, single clouds can be shared with friends, colleagues, students or the rest of the world by generating a public link. Of course LinkClouds can also be embedded into websites or blogs. myLinkCloud is ad-free and anonymous. All you need to register is a valid e-mail address. myLinkCloud is available in English, German and Spanish with more languages to be added soon.

myLinkCloud has just been launched and is still in Beta with features like RSS feeds, notes, frames and other widgets yet to come, but once you check it out yourself, you will agree that myLinkCloud is much more than a beautiful iGoogle alternative.


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