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Adele Portrait Made With Melting Candles

Have you ever tried to paint a portrait using melting candles? If you think I am pulling your leg, check this out – it is amazing!

Malaysian-born Hong Yi spent one third of her life in Australia and moved to Shanghai in 2011 to work as an architect for an Australian company. After her full-time job, she dedicates her spare time to her various art projects including anything from tagging bikes to thank its owner for not going by car or creating a Justin Biber portrait using nothing but ordinary chili paste. To check out more of her work, please click here to visit Red´s website and check out her portfolio.

In this video, RED was inspired by Adele´s song “Set Fire To The Rain” to use the four basic elements (fire, water, wind and earth) for her portrait. The blue candles represent the tears Adele cried due to a lost relationship. The fire fights the pain. It´s amazing artwork. Enjoy watching it and let me know what you think. If you like this video, you might also want to watch some more Red videos. I love “Portrait Made With A Basketball” and  “A Portrait Made Of Coffee Cup Stains”.


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