Experiment 17 – A Fun Snake Game

Do you urgently need a break and would like to play a fun game without having too think too much? Then Experiment 17, a fun snake game, is for you.

When playing “Experiment 17”, you are a lab engineer steering a snake that needs to be fed. Dive deep (press space) to eat some fish and surface (press space) to catch dragonflies or collect one of 44 anomalies to see what happens to your snake. The arrow keys help you change directions. Be careful though, swimming in circles becomes increasingly difficult as your snake grows. Since the reptile is poisonous, you´ll lose a life when the snake´s head touches other parts of its body. “Experiment 17” might look easy at first, but in an experiment, you never know what happens next. So better don´t underestimate the multiple twists of the game and get started playing “Experiment17”, a free online game brought to you by e+ games.


Make Sure You Know “Experiment 17 – a fun snake game”

The image shown at the beginning of this post is a screenshot taken while playing “Experiment 17”.

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