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Poker Face by Chris Daughtry

My hands are clammy. I am trying to stay focused. I am nervous even though I keep telling myself that it is nothing but a game. But it is much more than that.

I want to be honest: I had never played poker before. And if anyone had told me that poker was going to be my new hobby, I would not have hesitated calling them a blatherskite. But it is just one of these occasions, where my prospects regarding a night out with friends proved to be completely wrong.

Our friend Tom called me asking about our plans for the weekend. We did not have any. Tom invited us to one of his poker nights. I wasn´t thrilled at the thought of spending a hot summer night in Tom´s stuffy living room surrounded by self-announced poker pros playing a game I have never had a go at. But we had not met Tom for ages, so we accepted the invitation.

When we arrived, I was quickly introduced to the poker basics. Chris taught me when to hold, call or fold. He regularly takes part in PartyPoker tournaments, a trustworthy online poker service, and had won quite a bit of money. Once we got started, I soon found out that bluffing and reading the other players` faces was just as important as having a good hand. I truly sucked at the first five rounds and lost about half of my chips. Even though I kept telling myself that all of this was nothing but a game, I really wanted to win. And I did. Round six was mine =) Beginner´s luck, I was told. My ambition took over. Full house – round seven was mine, too. Even though Chris finally won Tom´s poker night, I really enjoyed myself.

Since Tom only hosts a poker night once a month, I signed up with PartyPoker to be able to play poker whenever I want (you never know, playing poker might pay my tuition fees ;)). Before playing, I enjoy listening to Chris Daughtry´s version of “Poker Face” – I think it´s way better than the original, so make sure to check it out =)


Make Sure You Know “Poker Face” by Chris Daughtry



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