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Mystery Manor

A mysterious event ruined the lives of ordinary people in the Manor. The beloved master Mister X has suddenly disappeared leaving nothing but strange messages. Try to solve the mystery and help find hidden objects.

This fun free game is a mystery-style hidden objects game. You´ll get to solve logic puzzles and find hidden objects to unlock new rooms in a mystic mansion. Don´t get scared when you meet monsters and ghosts on your missions. Besides, you better hurry to keep your energy level high and finish the quest in time. Especially when it is dark, you might have a hard time finding the well-hidden objects.

Since new rooms, characters and quests are being added regularly, so you will never finish the game. This great game is available for both iOS (USA and UK only) and Android. Mystery Manor is rated 4.89/5 (263 ratings, Android) and 4.5/5 (76283 ratings, iOS). The graphics quality is fantastic even though the game is absolutely FREE for both Android and iOS.

Thus, you better hurry and download Mystery Manor  and challenge yourself now =)


Make Sure You Know the Android app “Mystery Manor”

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