My Sketch – Great Photo Editor App

I enjoy editing my pictures using various apps. If you do so, too, make sure to download “My Sketch” – the best sketch application ever.

I tried several free sketch apps before investing in “My Sketch”, a 4.5 star-rated picture editor.
My Sketch” is an easy-to-use iOS (4.0 or newer) application for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. You can either take a picture using the app or upload a photo from your library. After having chosen the picture you would like to edit, you decide on either landscape or portrait mode and select the part of the picture you want to edit. Then it´s time to choose one of 24 sketch filters (anything from “Smudge” to “Color Contrast” or “Messy”). It might take a few seconds before your picture is turned into a cool sketch. You then adjust brightness and contrast and decide if you like it or rather want to check out another filter. Once you are happy with your sketch, you can save it to your library or share it on one of the social networks.
My Sketch” by Minuu is available in the appstore for 1,59€. Click here to check it out. If you are an Android user, check out “Cartoon Camera” (free) or “Papier Kamera” (1.49€).
Here are some pictures I edited using “My Sketch”.

Make Sure You Know the “My Sketch” app


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