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Cubby – A Flexible Dropbox Alternative

Cubby is a novel file-syncing service like Dropbox or SkyDrive. Even though Dropbox might be the most popular service out there, Cubby is likely to take the lead in no time thanks to two major advantages.

First of all, unlike Dropbox, Cubby allows you to sync any folder to both devices and the cloud itself. All you need to do is right-click the folder you would like to sync and tell it to sync with Cubby. Besides, you not only get a free 5GB of cloud storage accessible from your browser, but you can also sync an unlimited amount of data between computers. In addition, Cubby offers other popular features like recovery of deleted files, revision history, an app (available for both Android and iPhone) as well as collaboration with other users. In case you are concerned about security issues, Cubby users will be allowed to use their own encryption keys, so even  the service providers themselves won’t have access to their users’ files.

To date, Cubby is a closed beta, but you can request an invite on the Cubby website as they add new users every day!


Make Sure You Know “Cubby” – a flexible Dropbox alternative




The picture at the beginning of this post is a screenshot taken at the Cubby website.


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