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Do you suck at drawing? You think you are pretty good at drawing, but find it hard to draw animals or faces? If the answer to either one of these questions is yes, the HowToDraw is the app for you. Here is my very first attempt at drawing Steve Jobs with the help of HowToDraw.

HowToDraw is a fantastic app available for android as well as for iOS. Once you have made it through the instructions of the first 10 free images, you can stock up by either downloading more free instructions (up to 70) or  by buying certain “bundles” of image instructions (e.g. dinosaurs or aeroplanes etc.). The app becomes your personal art teacher and offers step by step instructions to help you draw cartoon characters, animals, cars, flowers, faces and much more. Starting off with only a few basic lines, you will end up with an impressive drawing once you have made it through to the final step. Here is my very FIRST attempt at drawing Steve Jobbs. Enjoy =)


Make Sure You Know the “HowToDraw” App


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i find that there’s often a ‘trick’ to things. I can’t draw at all, but i can imagine that with practice one gets the principle of how to find the starting lines for a drawing..

is there a learning effect by drawing different things ? what i mean is: if i try 5 different ones and then attempt steve jobs again, is it likely that i will get a better result than the first time around? or do i need to redraw the same subject time and again to get better?

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