Color Splash App – Turns Photos Into Art

If you are into photography and you would like to pimp your pictures to make them stand out from the crowd, you will love the Color Splash App. It turns your pictures into art in no time.

The Color Splash application allows you to convert any picture taken or uploaded to a black and white copy before you can add color back to customer-defined areas of the picture. The Color Splash application is available for iOS as well as for Android. There is both a free version and a PRO version (0.79€ or $0.99). It pays to get the full version, which allows you to upload images, work on multiple pictures, enables you to save multiple sessions, offers different brush sizes making recoloring much easier. Nevertheless, you can even zoom in when trying to recolor your image using the free version. I think the Color Splash App is a great application that turns ordinary pictures into art. Here are some of my first attempts using the free version (all pictures were taken with my iPhone 4S):


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