Zippo App – Cool, Virtual Lighter

While attending a fantastic David Garrett concert last night, I had the chance to use my Zippo app for the first time. I am talking about a cool, fun application for both iPhone and Android that comes in handy especially for non-smokers like me.


In times of smartphones and expanding non-smoking areas, one might not have a lighter at hand when needed. So whenever in need for some romance, it pays to have installed a cool, virtual lighter. The Zippo app is free as long as you chose one of the free designs offered. If you want to go for a more fancy lighter design, you might end up paying for it. You work your virtual Zipper as if it was a real lighter, even the sound is great. The flame moves according to the movement of your phone, too. Besides, you can open or close your Zippo by simply flicking your wrist. So before attending the next concert, make sure to have the zippo app installed (click here to check out the Android Zippo app and here for the iPhone app) before singing along. It is much cooler than swinging your ordinary display =)


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