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From A Wheelchair Revolution To Promoting Unlimited Vacation

Hope you have finished your remaining chocolate Easter eggs by now. This week you will learn about the advantages of unlimited vacation, be introduced to drug-resistant bacteria and you can support a wheelchair revolution.



Drug-resistant superbugs found in ancient cave

Almost 500 meters below the earth´s surface, in a New Mexican cave, researchers have discovered 93 different types of bacteria that can fight off modern antibiotic drugs. The intriguing thing about this discovery is that neither humans nor modern antibiotics had had been to that cave before. Thus, the subterranean life has existed entirely in the absence of modern medicine. Researchers are now trying to identify mechanisms allowing for this kind of antibiotic resistance since these so-called superbugs have become an increasing problem especially in hospitals when trying to treat patients. Click on the cave pic on this week´s LinkCloud at the end of this post to read about the details.


Unlimited vacation increases productivity

Companies, which have adjusted their vacation policies report record-breaking productivity ever since. One example is the web-service company Hubspot: employers can take days off whenever they want to. Instead of slowing down productivity, this freedom has dramatically increased it. Click on the beach pic on this week´s LinkCloud at the end of this post to find out why.


Robotic Mobilization Device – a brilliant wheelchair revolution

The Robotic Mobilization device, a brilliant new device, might make the common wheelchair obsolete and grant disabled people much more freedom and an increased quality of life. Why? Click on the picture of the Robotic Mobilization Device on this week´s LinkCloud at the end of this post to find out why.


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