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From Mariana Trench Pictures to an Aeroplane In The Garage

This week you will learn why cleaning your windows might endanger lives, see the first pictures of James Cameron´s solo dive to the deepest point on earth, watch one of the rarest insects hatch and get to know a guy who converted his garage into an aeroplane cabin.

The earth´s deepest point is lunar-like and desolate

James Cameron, the director of “Titanic”, is the first person ever to reach the earth´s deepest point. He describes the place as lunar-like and desolate. Despite hydraulic problems, Cameron could collect sediment upon his lime-green submarine had reached the Mariana Trench´s Challenger Deep in the Pacific Ocean about 200 miles southwest of Guam. Unfortunately, Cameron did not see any living creatures apart from small amphipods, common, shrimp-like bottom-feeders. Some impressive numbers to conclude: to get to the earth´s deepest point, Cameron had to dive deeper than 50 times the size of the Grand Canyon to experience a water pressure of 16,000 pounds per square inch while 2°C cold water was dripping in. More dives will follow within the next couple of weeks. Check out the first pictures of Cameron´s dive here or read the National Geographic article by clicking on James Cameron in the News Highlights of the Week LinkCloud at the end of this post.


Old lady breaks her nose running into a shop door and decides to sue Apple for $1,000,000

Even though winter is gone and it is time to get rid of last season´s dirt on your windows you better think twice before cleaning them. You do not want anyone to get hurt, do you? A 83-year-old woman did not see the glass doors of the Long Island Apple Store, smashed her face running into one of them and broke her nose.  The lady is now suing Apple for $1,000,000.  Apple did not comment on the suit, but posted warning strips on the glass. If she gets the money, I might consider running into a glass door, too. To read the article, click on the Apple logo in this week´s LinkCloud at the end of this post.


Successful breeding of tree lobsters, an insect thought to be extinct, re-discovered on a tiny island off Australia´s coast

Tree lobsters had been thought to be extinct for more than eighty years, but thanks to a special breeding program at Melbourne Zoo, might soon be re-introduced in Australia. The six-legged insects also known as Lord Howe Island walking sticks (Dryococelus australis) can grow to a length of 15 cm and had last been seen in 1920. In 2001, two Australian scientists found a small, surviving population of only 17 animals, hovered around a single plant on an old volcano called Balls Pyramid, just 13 miles southeast of their original home, Lord Howe Island. Two tree lobsters were brought to Melbourne Zoo. Now, the first vdeo of a hatching tree lobster was released. Learn more about tree lobsters and watch the amazing video by clicking on the tree lobster pic in the LinkCloud at the end of this post.


Man converts his garage into an aeroplane cabin

While most people who enjoy flying might draw the line at a souvenir jet or mug, Anthony Toth’s obsession has really taken off. The 44-year-old spent $200,000 to convert his garage in Redondo Beach, California, into a Pan Am cabin. It took 20 years to put the 18 first class seats and the rest of the original aeroplane cabin together.  No need to worry though, once the oxygen level unexpectedly drops in the garage, the seatbelt signs will be switched on before oxygen masks fall down from the ceiling. Just like in any other plane…. Read more about Anthony and take a look at the cabin photographs by clicking on the aeroplane pic in this week´s LinkCloud at the end of this post.


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