Dance Art – Jaw-Dropping Illumination of Pitch-Black Stages

If you like art and dancing, you will love Fighting Gravity, iLuminate and the Wrecking Crew Orchestra. Check out these fascinating dance art videos.

The performance group “Fighting Gravity” utilizes blacklights to perform gravity-defying illusions. They started off by entering the TV show “America´s Got Talent” and came 3rd out of 100,000 acts. Luckily, they continued to perform and enchant their audience with a unique dance performance combining illusion, mind-blowing tricks and club beats.


iLuminate performers make use of the first, patent-pending, wearable and wireless lighting system. The EL (Electroluminescent) wire or LEDs (Light Emitting Diodes) on costumes allow for a fully customized, multicolor light display that can be controlled via different devices. Thus, the iLuminate technology was not only used for the movie “TRON“, but is also perfect for dancers. See for yourself:


Make Sure You Know “Fighting Gravity” and “iLuminate”



Wrecking Crew Orchestra” is is an eight-man dance group from Japan. The members wear the iLuminate wireless light suits for their jaw-dropping performances. Brilliant!


Make Sure You Know “Wrecking Crew Orchestra”



The picture at the beginning of the post is a screenshot taken while watching the first video published in this post.


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