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Ceramic Destroyer – Android Game Review

ceramicDestroyer00“Ceramic Destroyer” is what I would call a action-puzzler. It’s conceptually pretty close to “Angry Birds”. Using the ‘pull various types of bombs’ mechanic your goal is to destroy at least 90% of a series of graphically beautiful ceramics.

Sounds boring? Well, it´s not! You´ll be addicted to playing “Ceramic Destroyer” in no time. It’s well-made and comes for free with enough puzzles/rounds to make you love it, hate it or (in rare and impossible to explain cases) be bored by it. By the way, Ceramic Destroyers´equivalent for iPhones is called “Amazing Breaker“.

In Google’s PLAY market it has about 130k downloads and almost exclusively 5-star rating. The free version shows the Android-typical Ad banner on the lower end of your screen, but that’s just fine with me (and gameplay).

Here is the link to the google play download :

The developer Studio offers a series of other well-rated games for andoroid: RUNNERGAMES.



I rated the game with 4/5 stars in the market, bacause it’s great to have developers work hard and produce sound products for free! Support them!


  • you can get rid of the Ad banner by paying – or by using a firewall 😉 @developers: you should cache some static ads (e.g. amazon affiliate links or the like) and show them when server-contact is blocked … you deserve the money!
  • the female voice congratulating you on almost everything you explode is cool, but quite annoying after some levels
  • the color pallette of the graphics is rather monotonous
  • the Zen-style music was the first thing i had to turn off.


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