Discovering Slowness – Super Slow Motion

We are usually in a hurry and try to have everything well-organized to save time, the precious good our lives keep lacking. Well, maybe these super slow motion videos can help you discover the beauty of slowness.

Have you ever slapped anybody? If the answer is yes, I am pretty sure that you can´t imagine the deformations you have caused on you opponent´s face. Here is a super slow motion movie of a slap in the face.


Make Sure You Know the Super Slow Motion Movie of a Slap in the Face


When I was a kid, I enjoyed throwing “water bombs”, balloons filled with water. Here is what happens, when you throw a ballon filled with water in another person´s face – of course in super slow motion.


Make Sure You Know the Super Slow Motion Movie of a Water Balloon to the Face


The picture at the beginning of the post is a screenshot taken while watching the second video published in this post.

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I like this video. I´ve also seen quite a lot of slow motion videos on tv and there are really fantastic views on things.

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