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Last weekend the Swiss people turned down the offer to extend their leave days paid from four weeks per year to six weeks. In a public vote, two thirds turned down this seductive offer to support their country´s economy. If you think this is strange, you should know that Swiss are known to be up tight about order and neatness, sometimes up to the point of being painful. One of them is Ursus Wehrli, the artist I would like to introduce today. He is Swiss, he is different. He tidies up art. He is cool. It´s hilarious. See for yourself…

Ursus Wehrli is a cabaret artist who has been touring together with his female counterpart Nadja Sieger (Ursus & Nadeschkin) for 25 years. Apart from his cabaret career, Wehrli is also an artist. He became really famous after starting his project “Kunst aufräumen” (=”Tidying up art”) in 2002. I think it´s hilarious and I really enjoyed watching his videos. His books are great, if you are interested in buying them, just click on the title “Kunst aufräumen“, “Noch mehr Kunst aufräumen“, “Die Kunst, aufzuräumen“. The pictures shown below can be found in his most recently published book “Die Kunst, aufzuräumen”. In case you would like to get to know the cabaret artist Wehrli live, check out the Ursus & Nadeschkin website. If you are interested in buying posters or want to learn more about his projects, visit the Ursus Wehrli website.


Make Sure You Know Ursus Wehrli

Make Sure You Know Ursus Wehrli – Tidying up a parking lot


Make Sure You Know Ursus Wehrli – Tidying up the works of famous artists


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