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Cabañas Rio Yambala – Vilcabamba (Ecuador)

During my three-months stay in Ecuador, I spent a couple of days in Vilcabamba. If you ever get the chance to go there, I would definitely recommend doing so. Make sure to stay at Cabañas Rio Yambala though. Why? See for yourself…

In the middle of nowhere, overlooking Vilcabamba and surrounded by wild vegetation, you will find the rustic, beautiful and peaceful Cabañas Rio Yambala. These comfortable hillside cabins are the gateway to fantastic hiking including trails to the adjacent Podocarpus National Park and the privately-owned Las Palmas Reserve.  It is the ideal spot to get away from it all forget time, relax and enjoy paradise. Apart from great hiking trails and the opportunity to do some birdwatching, you can also sign up for horsetrekking tours. So if you ever get the chance to travel Ecuador, make sure to stay at Cabañas Rio Yambala! By the way, a great book to read while traveling Ecuador is  “The Panama Hat Trail“. Check out Sarah´s and Charlie´s Cabañas Rio Yambala website for more information on the cabins and the guided tours they offer.

If you love the Amazon and are traveling Peru, Ecuador, Colombia and/or Brazil check out the Amazon Highlights travel guide by Roger Harris: click here if you are German and here to be guided to Roger also stayed at Cabañas Rio Yambala and recommends them in his guide =)


Make Sure You Know Cabañas Rio Yambala, Vilcabamba, Ecuador

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I stayed in Cabin #3 with the wife for one night last month on a brief trip into the
area. Arriving just after dark and with
a slight rain, it was nice that the daughter of the owner & her boyfriend
met us down the hill in the confusing area in which to park our vehicle. After a very brief run down of the
accommodations by the daughter, we left to go back to town to get something toeat. The boyfriend suggested the German
Hostel past the town below, excellent choice!
Upon return I could not get a wifi signal & wandered up for
help. The approach to the owners/hosts
accommodations were not only run down, sloppy and unkept but a bit confusing on
were to enter? Not to judge, to each
their own I thought, I just wanted the passcode. Charlie the “Very Laidback” owner greeted me
& had no idea what the code was, but returned after a short wait. Unfortunately the code was incorrect. I didn’t feel like disturbing the owners any
further out of respect, so just decided to look into it in the morning. I returned to the “Rustic” cabin which
although was quite small, I really liked it!
That was until after the real owners arrived. Some winged critter(s) in the walls/ceiling
arrived to significant commotion and disturbance. Being a relatively well traveled and adventurous
guy, I did rest a bit after determining that the culprits did not seem to be
inside the unit. Unfortunately my wife
didn’t sleep a wink the entire night and was completely terrified. I think that she did get somewhat accustomed
to what must have sounded like a pterodactyl above, but when the “Man of the
House,” arrived that really put her over the edge! At the time, not sure what it was but
crawling under the cabin I am gathering it encountered the tenants above and
they had it out! The shrieks were really
quite shrilling and I thought my wife was going to have a heart attack hiding
under the covers crying. The next
morning my wife without a wink of sleep the night before didn’t get any comfort
out of the shower which lacked hot water.
I did find a LAN line to hook up my computer and after packing up we
ventured back up to our lovely hosts to state our complaints upon
checkout. They were nowhere to be found
& I dealt with the boyfriend.
Thankfully he was a very kind and respectful fella which was a good
thing for after getting the run around from the two phones calls to Charlie and
his wife who where elsewhere and didn’t care to talk with me and pushed it off
on the kid. After trying to get me to
accept paying $4 to 9 dollars less, I was started to get pissed, especially
when the kid told that they were very well familiar with the cabins prolific
critter problems. The screamer down
below was the Amazon’s version of a Opossum and overhead lived 5 bats, of which
were problematic by defecating on the bed below. Yes the same bed that we slept in!

Sara tried
to get us to accept the insulting offer mentioned and further made things worse
by saying that she was giving us a discounted rate to begin with as the rate
was supposed to be $30 and was doing us a favor. Their own website said the rate was $25. I started out relatively cool as the internet
& hot water weren’t that big a deal (btw; my wife specifically inquired
about the hot water before we arrived & we were assured that it was
working. Apparently there is a very
specific way in which to operate that we were not made aware off) but knowing
that the owner operators were very well aware of all of this and still put
people in the cabin without getting of their lazy asses and fixing the problems
were really starting to piss me off and thank God the kid was really calm and
respectful for if the owner was there and started something with me, I may have
kicked his ass!

I informedhim that I would only pay half the agreed rate, explaining why that was fair and told them that if that wasn’t acceptable to call the police and actuallywas hoping that they would. I wanted the
locals to know of how these foreigners treated their guests. The boy wisely let us pass as did Charlie the
owner on his motorbike on the way out of town.
He make no attempt to talk to us.
“Super laidback?” I say not, but
rather super lazy, greedy and self centered.
These people only want the money.
This is an offense to the beautiful people of the wonderful country of

Oh btw; my
wife was also bitten up pretty well by what I thought was bed bugs but think it
was more like some type of bug associated from the bat dung. Do not believe me? Talk to the previous tenants who stayed there
prior to us. We did as they were staying
in I believe room #1 above and their friend in #4. They confirmed this, including the bed bites
they received themselves.

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