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Animal Facts – hard to believe…but true

Sometimes you come across facts that are hard to believe, but true. Would you have known any of these animal facts?

A rat can last longer without water than a camel.

Kangaroo Rats can last longer without water than any other animal in the world. Kangaroo Rats live in deserts, lack sweat glands, don´t drink water and survive only by metabolizing water from their food. (Check the LinkCloud below to find out more).


Dolphins always sleep with one eye open.

Dolphins are conscious breathers and can thus only sleep with one half of their brain at a time, otherwise hey would drown.  That´s why sleeping dolphins float at the surface alternating their closed eye from time to time. (Check the LinkCloud below to find out more).


A hummingbird´s heart beats 1200 times per minute.

When the hummingbird is in flight, its heart beats 1200 times per minute (the fastest one ever measured was found to beat at 1260 beats per minute). A heart rate this high allows for high metabolism needed for the rapid wing movement to maintain flight. Once at rest, the hummingbird´s heart rate slows down to an average of 250 beats per minute. (Check the LinkCloud below to find out more).


A cockroach can live up to a month without its head.

Cockroaches breathe through so-called spiracles which are found in each body segment and the brain does not control the breathing. Besides, due to the lacking blood pressure, cutting the head off does not result in uncontrolled bleeding. Last but not least, without activity, a cold blooded animal´s meal might contain enough energy to be sufficient for up to four weeks.  (Check the LinkCloud below to find out more).


Make Sure You Know these Animal Facts

Here is my corresponding LinkCloud, which guides you to the websites, where I found the strange animal facts described in this post. Just click the picture of the animal you are interested in and the link will open in a new tab. I generated this cloud using the free, live-synched and device-independent service myLinkCloud.

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