Tipping Teacup

Do you belong to the kind of people who don’t drink tea because it takes them too much time to prepare? Well, here is the solution…

The Tipping Tea Cup is really cool – no more filters needed. You simply stick your loose tea or your teabag into one compartment before pouring water through. Once the tea is done, just tip the cup onto its other side. Thanks to the cup´s unusually angled bottom, the tea will seep through the filter – that´s it. It´s easy, isn´t it? The cool cup is large enough to warm your hands, too. Don´t worry about the it´ll-be-hard-to-was-though-issue – the screen is removable for simple clean-up. The Tipping Tea Cup is even dishwasher safe. What more can you ask for? Invest $22 at and become a sophisticated tea drinker now =)




Both the picture and the video were taken from the uncommongoods website (


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