Liu Bolin – Playing Hide and Seek

I have seen many great artworks when searching for inspiring art. But when it comes to photograph artists, Liu Bolin is definitely one of the best ones I have ever come across. Check out why Liu Bolin is also known as “The Invisible Man”.

Liu Bolin was born in the Chinese province of Shandong in 1973. He graduated from the Central Academy of Fine Arts in Beijing in 2001. Starting with his first solo exhibitions in China in 1998, Liu Bolin has gained international recognition ever since. His work was shown all around the world, e.g. in Italy, France, Russia and the USA. Liu Bolin´s most popular works derive from his photographic series called “Hiding in the Cities”.


Liu Bolin lives and works in Beijing, China and he is represented by Eli Klein Fine Art in New York. All of my personal favorite Liu Bolin photographs shown here derive from their website. In case you are interested in purchasing any of these “The Invisible Man” works, please visit the Eli Klein website.





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