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From tiny chameleons to “The Simpsons” Birthday

Yet another exciting week has gone by. Scientists once again proof that size doesn´t matter by discovering the tiniest chameleon in Madagascar. Hollywood finally awards the creator of the longest-running comedy show…about time after 23 years, don´t you think? German President Wulff gives chancellor Merkel a hard time and finally resigns after one “mistake” too many. Let´s hope that this exemplifies Assad to follow the U.N. General Assembly resolution. Him stepping down might at last end violence in Syria.

Size doesn´t matter – match head-sized chameleon found in Madagascar

German and American scientists discovered four new dwarf chameleon species in Madagascar. The tiniest creatures don´t grow larger than 24 mm in total length making it one of the smallest reptile species in the world. Interestingly, more than 40% of all known chameleon species are endemic to Madagascar, an island situated off the East African coast. Due to deforestation and the extremely small ranges of only a few square kilometers, the tiny reptiles are endangered though.


About time…Simpsons creator Matt Groening gets a Hollywood star

“The Simpsons” is airing its 500th episode today (Sunday, 19 February) while holding the record for longest-running comedy show. After 23 successful years, Matt Groening, the creator of Marge, Homer, Bart, Lisa and Maggie, finally got a star Hollywood Walk of Fame last Tuesday. Congratulations Matt!


One “mistake” too many – German president Wulff resigns

After having been German President for only 598 days, Christian Wulff has finally resigned. One day prior to his resignation, prosecutors had asked the parliament to lift his immunity. Despite being caught in a severe corruption scandal, Wulff had tried to avoid stepping down. No need to worry though…Wulff might be granted 200000€ annually as well as a car, a driver, an office and a secretary… He might not have made one “mistake” too many after all…


Step down Assad! UN condemns Syria

More than 5400 people have been killed in Syria´s fight for freedom. Last Thursday, the UN General Assembly voted 137:12 for a resolution condemning the ongoing violation of human rights in Syria. The UN hopes to increase the pressure on President Assad and his regime. Let´s hope it works…


Violins fight poverty

Venezuela invests $64 million per year in a project called El Sistema. El Sistema offers after-school activities and enables poor children to learn an instruments teaching them classical music. All instructions and instruments are free and no child is turned away. The program was launched in 1975 and has reached 310,000 children in 280 teaching locations, called núcleos, said Eduardo Méndez, the executive director. Several former students have become famous musicians. Very impressive and inspiring!


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