Lytro – a camera revolutionizing photography

{EAV:df530f4441bd0757} If you enjoy taking pictures or have at least taken some yourself, I am sure you have experienced the following scenario: you were about to capture a fantastic shot but upon focussing….it was too late. You simply missed the chance to get a magnificent, hilarious or extraordinary shot. What a shame! However, one no longe needs to worry about stuff like that. Lytro came to your rescue… or to revolutionize photography.

The Lytro is a light field camera, whose 8x optical zoom lens with a constant f/2 aperture allows it to capture maximum light across the entire zoom range. The Lytro´s extruded anodized, red, blue or grey aluminum structural skin might not be very fashionable, but as the creators state “form follows function”. Weighing only 225 grams, the camera is very light and offers a gravity shutter button and an intuitive multi-touch screen. The light field technology behind this easy to use camera enables you to take much faster snaps thanks to the instant shutter and power on. Besides, the Lytro lacks anything that keeps you from capturing the perfect moment: auto-focus, flash and unnecessary modes. And the coolest, most impressive and jaw-dropping feature: you simply refocus your pictures using your Mac once you have taken them. You think I am exaggerating or you don´t believe me? Check it out yourself: on the Lytro homepage you will find several pictures to test the refocusing effects. Simply click the area you would like to focus….and don´t forget to close your mouth again once you have finished =)

Here are screenshots from my personal favorites, which I refocused on the Lytro website:

I can´t wait to test the camera myself. By the way…the Lytro either comes in graphite or electric blue with a 8 GB memory (350 pictures) for $399 each or in hot red with 16 GB (750 pictures) for $499. Preorder it here. I wonder when they add lime-green to that….I guess I´ll just have to wait 😉 . Unfortunately, shipping (early 2012, hopefully soon) will be restricted to the US for now 🙁 , I hope you´re either American or you´ve got friends there to help you out…thank you Ingo 🙂


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