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From Bungee Accident to Cease-Fire in Myanmar

In this section of my blog I would like to share some of my personal news highlights of the week with you. Check out what impressed, astonished, surprised and frightened me last week.

Picasso theft in Greece

The week started off with the theft of a world-famous Picasso painting in Athens, Greece. Strangers managed to enter the museum via a balcony while fooling the guard by letting various alarms go off. By the time the guard arrived at the scene, he could do nothing but watch the last stranger flee. I reckon the thieves to either be very clever or very stupid. We´ll see…

Rena breaks apart off New Zealand´s coast

Sadly, due to heavy swells last weekend, the worst nightmare of New Zealand´s authorities came true: the container ship Rena, which had been grounded on a reef off Tauranga since early October, broke apart. The incident puts authorities on high alert for oil and hazardous chemical spills.

Bungee Miracle in Zimbabwe

A 22-year-old Australian backpacker survived a severe bungee accident with only scrapes. Erin Langworthy had signed up for a bungee jump off the Victoria Falls Bridge in Zimbabwe. Unfortunately, the bungee cord snapped during the rebound leaving the young woman plunge 111 meters into Africa’s Zambezi River.

North Korea recalls calendars

North Korea has recalled all 2012 calendars because they do not specify the date of Kim Jong Il’s death (December 17th). Besides, the calendars contain messages such as  “We hope for great leader comrade Kim Jong Il’s good health”. The newly produced calendar will include both Kim Jong Il’s official date of death and the current slogan, “Great leader comrade Kim Jong Il is with us forever.”

Cease-Fire Agreement in Myanmar

On Thursday, the government of myanmar signed a cease-fire agreement with ethnic Karen rebels, whose fight for greater autonomy is one of the largest of the brutal civil wars in the country. Let´s hope that this is the first step to peace after more than 60 years after gaining independence from Britain.

My Highlights of the Week

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