Street Artists – Julian Beever and Bansky

When walking the streets of big cities, one frequently comes across various forms of art. This might include anything from graffiti to sculptures, wheatpasting and poster art. Occasionally, people do huge chalk paintings on the sidewalks or in pedestrian zones. Even though all this art can be great, I think it has nothing on the work of two very famous and very special street artists whose work I consider to be brilliant. See for yourself whether you also appreciate the art of the pavement Picasso Julian Beever and  Bansky.

Julian Beever – master of anamorphosis

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Julian Beever is an intriguing English chalk artist who uses trompe-lóeil pavement art to create magnificent 3D illusions. These illusions rely on anamorphosis which allows for a 3dimensional impression when viewed from a specific angle. Thanks to this technique parts of the chalk art appear to either rise out of the floor or sink deeply into the pavement. For almost 25 years Beever has created impressive illusions all over the world including Australia, Europe and the US. Here are some of my personal favortites.

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Bansky – very cool and very different graffiti artist

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I don´t think Bansky is trying to please the world in any manner. When reading his answers to the frequently asked questions on his homepage one imagines a man enjoying to be very different, provocative, creative and simply cool. No one really knows the person behind the artists even though papers claim Bristol-born Robin Gunningham to be the face behind the world-famous artist. Let´s be honest: there is no need to know who is the person behind the stencil-style guerrilla art decorating public walls in London, Bristol and the West Bank barrier separating Israelis and Palestinians actually is. Instead it might pay to spend more time thinking about the meaning of Bansky´s work rather than trying to identify someone who is obviously not interested being associated with their work. The secret definitely adds to the fame. Enjoy Bansky =)


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