Places you should go – Treehotel and Blue Duck Lodge

Tourism is one of the most important means of income for many countries. In 2010 almost one billion international tourist arrivals were reported worldwide with France being the most popular travel destination. With the steadily rising tourist numbers, ecological tourism becomes more and more important. Personally, I love travelling and I enjoy seeing different places and doing things I have never done before. I especially like doing stuff that´s special. Here are two ecotourism destinations I consider both special and worth checking out.

Treehotel – as close to Sweden´s nature as a hotel can possibly get

If you have ever wanted to spend a night in a treehouse but have never happened to do so as a child, then a weekend at Sweden´s Treehotel in the boreal forest might be just what you are looking for. About an hour by car from Luleå (Kallax) airport, you´ll find this awesome, uniquely designed, luxurious and very special hotel. When booking your room, you can choose whether you would prefer to stay in a Tree Sauna, a UFO or a Bird´s Nest. In any case you will end up spending your time amongst Sweden´s tree-tops. The Treehotel´s flagship is the Microcube, which reflects its surrounding making it almost invisible to the human eye. And in case you´ve got enough money, you can purchase a microcube to be put up in your garden or forest… =)

Blue Duck Lodge – far off New Zealand´s beaten tracks

About an hours drive from Tongariro National Park on the North Island of New Zealand, situated above the banks of the Retaruke River, you´ll find Blue Duck Lodge. Surrounded by privately-owned, native bush, far off the beaten tracks, the self-catering lodge is the ideal base for recreational outdoor activities like hiking, kayaking, horseback-riding or swimming. Of course you can also lean back, relax and simply enjoy the panoramic views. If you are quiet and lucky you might get to see some blue ducks, too. I have already spent a fun weekend there and recommend doing so to anyone traveling Aotearoa, New Zealand.

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