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Photographs worth looking at…

Everybody takes pictures. Some take thousands, others take very few. Some take pictures using their smartphone, others use high end equipment worth thousands of dollars. Whatever gadget you use, photographs can be virtually anything: astonishing, fascinating, breathtaking, amazing, shocking, horrible, disgusting, funny, …you name it. Since I love taking pictures, I make sure to take my camera (a rather cheap one by the way) wherever possible, especially when I travel. Here are some of my favorite photographs. I am nowhere near being a photographer, but I think it´s worth taking a look. See for yourselves…

Smiling Iguana – Isla Santa Fe (Galápagos, Ecuador)


This marine iguana smiled back at me on Isla Santa Fe (Galápagos, Ecuador). Fellow travelers claim it was due to the similarity in hair style…

Wrinkled Leaf – Mindo (Ecuador)


This leaf was photographed against the sun. I love those wrinkles…as long as they´re not on my face =)

Ronja – the world´s best Rottweiler (Germany)


My brother´s dog Ronja found this pacifier on the street. She picked it up and would not want to let go…

Thinking Monkey – Ubud (Bali, Indonesia)


I am pretty sure this Balinese monkey was thinking about what to snatch next from the naive tourists surrounding it…

Cape Reinga – Northland (New Zealand)


The most north-western point of Aotearoa, New Zealand,, where the Tasman Sea meets the Pacific. The Máori, New Zealand´s natives, believe that the spirits of the deceased enter the underworld through the Pohutukawa tree at the very tip of the cape.

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