It all comes down to WORDS….play “Wild Word Garden” or “Word Crunch” and check it out

From time to time I enjoy training my brain while playing games. For some of them it pays to be good at maths, others focus on your memorizing skills. I would like to introduce you to two free online games hat test your ability to either form words from a given set of letters or find hidden words in a letter square. In both cases you better be fast and able to think hard under pressure. Give it a go and train your language-related brain skills. It´s fun!

Wild Word Garden – spell 4 words using only 6 letters


The ultimate goal of “Wild Word Garden” is to use your language skills to eventually grow a variety of wild plants in your (hopefully) colorful garden. But before you can plant flowers, you have to prove your language skills: you need to pass three rounds of spelling. In each round, you are required to form four words (containing three, four, five and finally six letters) from the six letters shown at the bottom of the screen. In case you get stuck, using the shuffle button might help. Nevertheless, you better hurry before your time is up and you end up starting all over again.

Word Crunch – quickly spot the wanted words


Your task is to find the word shown at the bottom of the screen within the letter square as quickly as possible. The word might be found vertically, horizontally or diagonally either forwards or backwards. Try to be fast because you get credits according to how fast you circled the wanted word. There´s 20 words to be spotted in each puzzle, which are updated on a daily basis. Sounds pretty easy, doesn´t it? Give “Word Crunch” a go and master this tough word game…


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