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With an average time of 35 hours (US citizens, 2010) spent on the web within a month, more than 2 billion internet users worldwide and the same number of videos watched on YouTube per day, there is no doubt that the internet is the fastest growing medium. In 2010, 250 million people joined the social network Facebook, 100 million new accounts were added on Twitter and more than 3000 pictures per minute were uploaded on Flickr. I am sure hardly anyone of you could imagine life without the worldwide web. Nevertheless, with an estimated 50 billion webpages according to Google´s index in December 2011, there´s not only great sites around. Here are some online services I consider helpful…


Is it Old? – find out whether your link is worth being tweeted

.With more than a billion tweets per day Twitter is one of the most frequently used and popular online social networks. Of course, nobody wants to make a fool of themselves by sending out links, which have already been tweeted by thousands of users prior to your tweet. That´s why it might pay to see when and how often a link has been tweeted by others. Simply go to “Is it Old?“, enter your link and make sure it is fresh enough. This service will tell you the Twitter status of your link ranging from “Dead” or “Ridiculously old” to “You´re the first”. I think it´s great! See for yourself.


Trippy – a novel social travel planner

.You love travelling, but you are not sure which hotel to book on Hongkong or where to get the best fish dish in Nice? Well, there are plenty of recommendations to be found on various sites, but I am never quite sure which one to trust. If you experience the same skepticism or don´t want to spend hours looking for a good hotel, Trippy is the website of choice for you. The recently launched social travel planner that connects to your facebook account and asks your friends, who have already been to the country or city you are planning a trip to, for help. Essentially, your friends help you plan your trip because they are the ones who know what you like. It´s fast, it´s easy and since you are asking people who know you, you are more likely to end up booking the hotel, restaurant or activity suitable for you. Besides, when you actually end up doing some or all of the stuff your friends recommended, you can use the free trippy app to upload pictures and comment on the activity, the hotel, the food etc. No need to endlessly surf the web for the best and hopefully trustworthy recommendations, because trippy does it all. Check it out and enjoy your trip(py)!


Check out these helpful online tools

Here is my corresponding LinkCloud, which guides you to the helpful online tools described in this post. Just click the screenshot of your favorite tool and the link will open in a new tab. I generated this cloud using the free, live-synched and device-independent service LinkCloud.

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